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sound: E


stell: 65 G 1,2 mm.

dimensions: 74 x 40 cm.

weight: 7kg.

materials and processing: spring steel 65g., ion-plasma nitriding
warranty for operation: 2 years


This tool is a serial tool and now available in our shop.


steel grade 65g. is more difficult in the production of handpans, but it has a unique character of sounding, similar to a gong or a tibetan bowl.


increased sustain duration - character of gong sounding, moderate blind-click, bright fifths and octaves of note fields.


SKU: 0002
$2,200.00 Regular Price
$1,800.00Sale Price
  • Celtic minor in the key of E is an instrument with a sufficiently high tonality of sounding, allowing you to feel the powerful vibration of the middle and high ranges of sound, as if lifting the listener to the sky.

    Autumn colors

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