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sound: Hokkaido F#

ding + 11 notes

stell: ps 08 - 1,5 mm.

dimensions: 68 x 35 cm.

weight: 7kg.

materials and processing: semi-wet steel, ion-plasma nitriding
warranty for operation: 2 years


This tool would make for your private purchase in our factory. The production time takes about 2-3 months.


moderate sustain, balanced sound, additional high notes for new experiments


steel grade PS lends itself well to nitriding, which makes the tool more resistant to aggressive environmental influences (oxidation, corrosion) and enhances its resistance to elastic deformation (the tool does not need to be adjusted frequently).


SKU: 0006
  • Hokkaido is a little sad, but very heartfelt and sensual system. Additional notes will allow its owner to play a variety of melodies, moving from full-fledged solo parts to bass and rhythm.

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